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Products: Carey Industries specializes in producing a full range of vat dyes as powders and pastes for domestic sales and export.

Fine custom dyes are a specialty.  Brilliant, beautiful, saturated color!Products

Carvat vat dyes are carefully compounded dispersions of extremely fine dye particles of controlled size.  These are furnished as dispersible powders and pastes.  Powder types are usually preferred where usage is intermittent as problems of evaporation, settling out, and other difficulties arising from storage of unused dye are avoided.  For continuous use, the pastes are preferred as no time is required for dispersion.

Vat dyes are primarily for cotton and rayon.

Vat esters (solubilized vat dyes) are available for pastel shades on cotton, rayon, wool, polyester and leather.

Vat pigments are for plastics.

Organic pigments - plastic, paint, ink

Laboratory Test Papers - CARVAT Yellow Papers -(hydrosulfite paper strips) invaluable aids for instant end point determinations.

Facilities: The Company's Charlotte, North Carolina facilities include up-to-date equipment for standardization of its dye ranges in large batch sizes of consistent shade and quality. The Charlotte facility houses excellent storage for immediate delivery of dyestuffs.  It also has large standardization capability and an extensive customer service laboratory with experienced technical and sales staff. 


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(This equipment is no longer required for the ongoing operations of Carey Industries, Inc.)

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Custom Print Pastes Now Available
in large or small quantities in reclosable containers.

Carvat Red Violet 2RN (v. vio 3)
Carvat Pink RA  (v. red 1)
Carvat Orange RKS (v. org 3)

Other colors made to order