MODEL 4E Electric Disk Grinding Mill

115V 60 Hz


































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The QCG 4E Electric Disk Grinding Mill is used in fine testing labs around the world.  The 4E electric grinding mill head construction is made of sturdy, durable cast iron. The 4E head is heavily coated with a special TIN coating acceptable for food grade and pharmaceutical materials and makes clean up between batches relatively simple and complete as the surfaces of the mill and auger are very smooth.


The 4E grinding mill head can be easily removed and disassembled for cleaning without the use of any special tools.


The grinding plates are made of a hard iron alloy designed for clog resistance and long life.  A new, special acicular iron grinding plate has now been introduced as an up-charge.  The acicular plates offer a stronger plate that “work hardens” as they are used in service.


Plate to plate clearance is easily adjusted by hand in order to change the mesh size range desired.  Generally these mills, with a one pass effort and fine plates installed, yields ground material between 20-80 mesh with some yield down to 100 mesh.  Instituting a second pass thru the grinding mill increases yields in the finer mesh sizes.


A rigid cast aluminum base and bearing support minimizes overall weight.

3 point rubber pads or feet are present on the base for stability.


Low current requirements, needs no special wiring.  Just plug it in and hit the switch after mounting the grinding head to the base.  The complete unit ships in two boxes.


The customer has the choice of either 4B Plates for fine grinding or 4CS Plates for coarser grinding.


The customer has the choice of either Tooth Feed auger for dry grinding or Worm Feed auger for wet or oily grinding.




115 Volt 1 Phase 60 Cycle Standard.  The mill is wired for standard US electrical demand.

Other voltages and frequencies are available.  We have 220V 50 Hz for European customers, 230V 60Hz USA, 3-Phase and hazardous location units available in many configurations.  TEFC motors for dusty environments.


The 1/3 HP reduction gear and motor combination yields roughly 90 RPM Output Speed to drive the grinding mill head.


A 3 Wire Electrical Cord (8 ft.) with an inline switch and grounding is available for standard applications.  Explosion proof motors require dedicated wiring and for 3-phase operation motor starters may be necessary.


4-E Electric Mill Specifications

Overall Length

25 inches (635 mm)

Overall Width

8 inches.(203 mm)

Overall Height

12 inches (304 mm)


55 pounds (25 Kilogram)

Table Top to Discharge

3.5 inches (89 mm)

Diameter of Grinding Plates

6 inches (152 mm)

Capacity of Material Hopper

50 cubic inch (approx. 2 lbs.)

(820 ml (.9 Kilogram))

Output Capacity

up to 40 pounds per hour with dry material (18Kilo/hr)

Maximum Fineness

75 to 100 Mesh

Output capacity and fineness of grind varies with material.


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