Vat Dyes for Exhaust Dyeing

Carvat Powders

These shade illustrations represent the Carey Industries line of vat dyes which are sold under the name of Carvat Powders and are intended as an aid for manufacturers and individual dyers for application by exhaust dyeing methods. These products are manufactured under carefully controlled particle size specifications and are formulated to provide the dyer with the utmost in quality, performance, and batch to batch consistency.

Carvat Powders are carefully formulated with controlled particle size and physical condition and contain auxiliary agents to facilitate wetting dispersion.  They disperse readily n warm water.  Complete reduction can be obtained at the normal reducing temperature.  Carvat Powders are suitable for pigment or reduced dyeing methods.

Medium shades are shown on unbleached scoured cotton yarn and were dyed by the exhaust method.

These are vat-dyestuffs of the anthraquinoid type, with the exception of the thio-indigoid dyes Carvat Pink RA and Carvat Red-Violet 2RN, they provide a full range of shades having all the excellent fastness properties of this class of dyestuff.

The Carvat dyestuffs are mainly applied to cotton, mercerized cotton, but are also used for dyeing other fiber types, e.g., linen, jute, rayon, and silk.